forethniconnect.jpg (227 KB)

Moms Ethnicity: Irish, English, French, Iroquois Indian, and Canadian
Dads Ethnicity: Black and Scottish
Eye Color: light brown / amber tones
Hair Color and texture: darker brown and curly
Languages Spoken: English, some Spanish, some Italian
Religious background: —


afrolatina.jpg (314 KB)

Moms Ethnicity: Venezuelan
Dads Ethnicity: Afro-Trinidadian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color and texture: Curly + brown/black naturally
Languages Spoken: English and Spanish
Religious background: Catholic


lissa.jpg (65 KB)

Moms Ethnicity: Caucasian
Dads Ethnicity: Cape Verdean
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color and texture: Dark Brown
Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French
Religious background:


me.jpg (71 KB)

Moms Ethnicity: Peruvian/Hungarian
Dads Ethnicity: Jamaican
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color and texture: Brown/ Curly
Languages Spoken: English/Spanish
Religious background: Roman Catholic

Noah Deal- Louisiana creole, hungarian Jewish,hungarian Romany, Cherokee Indian, jordanian arab



Moms Ethnicity:hungarian jewish/Romany,Louisiana creole
Dads Ethnicity:jordanian arab cherokee
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color and texture: dark brown wavy curly
Languages Spoken:kreyol and English
Religious background:Christian


IMG_20150118_173854.jpg (984 KB)

Moms Ethnicity:West Indian,white
Dads Ethnicity:Black, West Indian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color and texture:
Languages Spoken: English, French
Religious background: