Mixed with Hawaiian, Japanese, Brazilian, Native American, and Italian

allmixedup.jpg (47 KB)

Moms Ethnicity: Hawaiian/Japanese
Dads Ethnicity: Brazilian/Native American/Italian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color and texture: Brown/Straight
Languages Spoken: English, Japanese, Pidgin, and a bit of Italian
Religious background: Love

Aleah (1/4th native american, lots of hungarian, spainard, and some kind of polynesian)

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Moms Ethnicity: Native American, Caucasian, Spanish, & Hungarian
Dads Ethnicity: Native American, Caucasian, & Polynesian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color and texture: Dark brown and wavy
Languages Spoken: English and some Portuguese
Religious background:

NaMU Creole,Jamaican,Filipino,Afro-Dominican,Native Indian,German-Jew



Moms Ethnicity:Creole,German-Jew,Jamaican
Dads Ethnicity:Filipino,Afro-Dominican,Native/Indian
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color and texture Brown/Curly
Languages Spoken English bits of Spanish