My Snapshot1.jpg (28 KB)

Moms Ethnicity: Black, Ashkenazi Jew (Eastern European)
Dads Ethnicity: Black, Native American,Mexican
Eye Color: light brown
Hair Color and texture: Dark Brown, Straight to wavy
Languages Spoken: English
Religious background: Christian


10338305_10205690333435801_8319428999344358376_n.jpg (21 KB)

Moms Ethnicity: East Europe, Southern Europe, Scotland
Dads Ethnicity: West Europe, Southern Europe, Mideast
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color and texture: Darkest Brown, curly
Languages Spoken: English
Religious background: None


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Moms Ethnicity:Jamaican, Arowack, Enlish, Irish
Dads Ethnicity:Afr. American, French, Native American
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color and texture:Black, Wavy, Curly
Languages Spoken:Enlish
Religious background:Christian

photo by prphotos

David White/Hispanic

015.jpg (249 KB)

Moms Ethnicity: 1/2 Mexican (norte) 1/4 Portuguese and Sevillan, 1/16 Comanche, some cocktail European I’m guessing
Dads Ethnicity: 1/2 Anglo-Saxon and Scottish, 1/2 French
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color and texture: Light brown and straight
Languages Spoken:English
Religious background: Baptized Catholic, irreligious.