André Angeline

Moms Ethnicity: 3/8 British, 1/8 Spanish, 2/8 Danish, 1/8 Dutch, 1/8 Irish
Dads Ethnicity: 1/2 Italian Mixed With Middle Eastern and Armenian, 1/4 Walloon Belgian, 1/4 Irish
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Thai, French
Religious background: Agnostic

Jeremiah Ripley

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Moms Ethnicity: English, French, Scottish, Irish, Spanish, Scot-Irish, Swedish, Belgian, Swiss, German, Dutch, Welsh, Portuguese.
Dads Ethnicity: English, Irish, French, Ashkenazi Jewish (from Russia, Germany, Austria), Danish, Scottish, Norwegian, Italian, Welsh, Manx, Egyptian, Bulgarian.
Languages Spoken: English
Religious background: Atheist, Family is Christian, Jewish, Catholic.

Sara – Swedish & Walloon

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Moms Ethnicity: Swedish
Dads Ethnicity: Swedish and Belgian 50/50. My paternal grandfather’s whole family were from Wallonia which is a region of Belgium.
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour and texture: Brown, straight and very thick.
Languages Spoken: Swedish, English & a little French
Religious background: Atheist

(this pic is over 2 years old but it’s the only one I have on my computer right now so excusez moi 🙂


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Moms Ethnicity: Black, Native American (Blackfoot), and White
Dads Ethnicity: Black and Native American (Cherokee)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color and texture: Dark Brown-Black and curly
Languages Spoken: English as my first language. I know Spanish and French from school.
Religious background: Christian


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Moms Ethnicity: Italian//Spaniard//Puerto Rican
Dads Ethnicity: Costa Rican//German
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color and texture: Brown
Languages Spoken: English//Spanish//Italian
Religious background: I was raised in a Catholic household, but I don’t really practice the religion.