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  1. My given name, Minami, can have many different meanings depending on how it is written in Japanese using Chinese symbols we call Kanji. Typically, when it is written as 南, it means “South”. However, the way my name is written is 美波, which means “Wave of beauty” in Japanese.

    My surname, Kurosaki (written as 黒崎), means “black promontory/peninsula/cape”, which makes sense to me because according to my grandaunt, many generations ago our family had lived on a dark, gloomy area in southern Japan.

  2. My name is Sara. It’s pronounced differently than the more common name”Sarah”. It’s a normal swedish name but it’s originally arabic.
    It is also a biblical name and it means “princess”, “ruler”, “pure” and “unique”.
    My middlenames are Elsa & Fransina. The name Elsa comes from the name “Elisabeth”, it’s german and means “noble” and “consecrated to God”.
    Fransina is a very uncommon swedish twist on the french name Francina which means “from France” and “free one”.
    And my lastname Svensson is a very common swedish name, it literally means “Sven’s son”. It also kind of means “usual/normal” the saying
    “a Svensson life” means a normal swedish life.

  3. My name is Laughlin David Murphin. My ancestry is: Paternal Grandfather: Filipino (mostly Tagalog, some distant Spanish and Chinese), Welsh (and other unidentified European). Paternal Grandmother: Anglo-Texan (some distant Tejano Spanish/Mexican and German-Texan), French-Texan (some distant English, Comanche and Cherokee) descent. Maternal Grandfather: Polish (Lesser Polish, from Lublin). Maternal Grandmother: Scottish-Canadian (some distant French-Canadian, English Canadian and First Nations). My first name, Laughlin, is of Scottish origin, from my maternal grandmother’s father, Laughlin McKinnon. My middle name, David, is a passed-down family name of Hebrew origin. (I am not of any significant Jewish descent. This comes from my family’s Christian origins.) My last name, Murphin, is of Welsh descent. My Filipino-born paternal grandfather bears this name, but we do not know how much Welsh ancestry he actually has.

  4. My name is Elizabeth. It is Hebrew for “oath of God”. I am not Hebrew nor a believer in a god.
    Takàcs, pronounced “tock-ahtch”, is a common surname in Hungary meaning “weaver”.
    Brælsfjord is a Scandinavian surname that is very uncommon, and pronounced “braylz-fyord”. It means, “one who wanders in the cemetry in the fjord”.

  5. -My first name is “Ariel”. It’s a Hebrew boys name originally and means the “lion of god” another name for it is “sprite”. The name Ariel origins from Jerusalem.
    The name Ariel is a Shakespearean baby name. In Shakespearean the meaning of the name Ariel is: The Tempest’ An airy, mischievous spirit.
    -My last name is “St. John” it came from England in the 11th century wave of migration that was set off by the Norman Conquest of 1066. And is a anglo-saxon/anglo-norman surname very old english. Most St. John’s are of irish descent. Which I am.

  6. My first name is Pamela, which is Greek in origin and means “All honey” or “All sweetness”

    My middle name is Melody, which is also Greek in Origin and means “Singing of songs”

    My last name, Oringer, is Austrian. I have no idea what it means though.

  7. My name is Italian and it has two meanings “of Laurentum” which was an old town in Italy and “Crowned with laurels”. Some people might be familiar with the King of Florence (Lorenzo il Magnifico) who was responsible for starting the Art Renaissance in Italy.

  8. My name Maxwell is a Scottish name which means “Mack’s Stream”. The name Mack is a Short version of the Scandinavian name Magnus and the Well part comes from the Old English “Wella” meaning Stream.

  9. Rebecca is of Hebrew origin and means servant of god. My second name Amber is of worldwide origin and whuich would be bärnsten in Swedish which is some sort of a stone. Don´t know the meaning of my third name Jenmej. My surname is Swedish though(Hoffblad) and blad is leaf in Swedish.

  10. The name “Vanessa” was invented by author Jonathan Swift for his poem “Cadenus and Vanessa”(1726). He arrived at it by rearranging the initial syllables of the first name and surname of Esther Vanhomrigh, his close friend. Vanessa was later used as the name of a genus of butterfly. It was a rare given name until the mid-20th century, at which point it became fairly popular.

  11. Daria (also written as Darya) is the female variant of the ancient name of Persian origin Darius. Daria is a saint of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. In Modern Persian, Daria coincidentally means “sea”.

  12. Well in Old English, “Bradley” means broad meadow

    I suppose it has to do with patience and down to earth. Peaceful Green.

    Just don’t call me Brad, it makes me sound like a military AI. or some protocol droid.

    ————————–Broad Meadow ————————————————

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  14. My name is Ilaria.
    It’s a pretty common name in Italy and it’s derived from the Latin hilarius meaning “cheerful”, from hilaris, “cheerful, merry”which comes from the Greek ἱλαρός (hilaros), “cheerful, merry”, which in turn comes from ἵλαος (hilaos), “propitious, gracious”.

    source: Wikipedia lol

  15. My last name is ‘Maumau’ which means ‘Broken’ in Tongan and my first name ‘Eli’ which is a Hebrew name according to my father who’s mother is a Hebrew (my grandmother) don’t no much about my Hebrew side/religion or whatever so yeah.

  16. Samantha (taken from

    GENDER: Feminine
    USAGE: English, Italian, Dutch
    PRONOUNCED: sə-MAN-thə (English)

    Meaning & History:
    Perhaps intended to be a feminine form of SAMUEL, using the name suffix antha (possibly inspired by Greek ανθος (anthos) “flower”). It originated in America in the 18th century but was fairly uncommon until 1964, when it was popularized by the main character on the television show ‘Bewitched’.

    Related Names:
    VARIANT: Samanta (Italian)
    DIMINUTIVES: Sam, Sammie, Sammy, Sammi (English)
    MASCULINE FORMS: Sam, Sammie, Sammy, Samuel (English), Samuele (Italian), Samuel (Dutch)
    OTHER LANGUAGES: Samanta (Spanish)

    Ranked #29 on United States Popularity Name List.

  17. From the web site Think Baby Names

    Stephanie \s-tepha-nie, st(e)-phanie\ as a girl’s name is pronounced STEFF-a-nee. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Stephanie is “garland, crown”.

    My ethnicity

    My mother is White and my father is Chinese.

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  18. Andrea: Means manly; from Greek andros [masculine]
    Tennille: I don’t really know. My dad named me after Cathryn Antoinette “Toni” Tennille from Captain & Tennille
    Vandever: Means “from the far [distance]” in Dutch; van (from) de (the) ver (distance/far)

  19. Tiffany /ˈtɪfəni/ is an English form of the Greek Theophania. It was formerly often given to children born on the feast of Theophania, that is, Epiphany.[2] The equivalent Greek male name is Theophanes (Θεοφάνης), commonly shortened to Phanis (Φάνης) and the female is Theophania (Θεοφανία) or Theophano (Θεοφανώ), colloquially Phani (Φανή).

    The name was popular in the US during the 1980s and early 1990s – between 1980 and 1991 the number of babies named Tiffany born each year exceeded 10,000, peaking at 18,361 in 1988. [3]

  20. Surname: Mosquera- Mosquera is a surname of Spanish, in particular Galician, origin. The family crest states (Spanish) Gallego. Comes from the mansion of the family’s founder, Ramiro de Mosquera, taking the last name from his hacienda. Spanish: topographic name for someone who lived in a place that was infested with flies or mosquitos, from a derivative of mosca ‘fly’.

    First Name: Brianna- t is of Irish, Gaelic and Celtic origin, and the meaning of Brianna is “high, noble, exalted”. May also possibly mean “strong”. A contemporary feminine form of Brian, found occasionally in England since the 16th century. People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters. People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom. They fight being restricted by rules and conventions. They tend to be optimistic, energetic, intelligent, and to make friends easily. They may be changeable, restless, untidy, and rebellious.

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  22. well, my Japanese name is Sakura Miyakawa. Miyakawa 宮川 means shrine river and Sakura さくら (Or桜) means cherry blossom. English first name though is Evelyn…. I think it comes from greece? or old french? meaning.. hazelnut lol. but I’m not sure. When I looked online, in other languages it means “life”.. so confusing x_x

  23. My name is Ravi Ray Purohit (रविराय पुरोहित :- Samskrit) Ravi means the sun and Ray means king and Purohit means priest so my name means ” The greatest in all priest, like sun is greatest in all stars and planets”

  24. My name is Karen, it is a Danish form of Catherine/Katherine meaning “pure/purity”. There is also an ethnic tribe in Thailand-Burma named the “Karen” also a language is spoken in that community called the Karen language which is made up of four languages :).

  25. My name has many different spelling variations .It’s the Latin feminine version of the male name Michael , which is the name of my oldest brother and his son, my nephew . My first name means “Who is like God?” It has English origins . My last name has English, Scottish and Irish origins .It’s also the name of a color… but that’s not what it means. It doesn’t have a definition exactly… Brown also has one other spelling variation . In Ireland, Scotland and Great Britain , it was sometimes spelled like this-Broun .

  26. Jessica – Of uncertain derivation and meaning, Jessica might be an elaboration of Jessie, which was originally a pet form of Janet and Jean. Alternatively, it can be interpreted as an elaborated feminine form of Jesse, which is derived from the Hebrew yīshai (gift).

    Brown- English, Scottish, and Irish: generally a nickname referring to the color of the hair or complexion, Middle English br(o)un, from Old English brun or Old French brun. This word is occasionally found in Old English and Old Norse as a personal name or byname.

    Mother: 1/2 Irish, 1/2 German and a small amount of English
    Father: 1/2 Irish and 1/8 Native American (Mohawk)

  27. Darianna Banhi Adrienne Gupta-Rodriguez
    First Name: My first name is Darian short for Darianna. It’s American and my father came up with it since his name is Darin.
    First Middle Name: My first middle name is Banhi. I don’t like it though. It’s Indian and means flame. My mother is 50% Indian and 50% African American. Her father is full African American and her mother was full Indian. So my mom is mixed.
    Second Middle Name: My second middle name is Adrienne. It’s Spanish. My father is Caucasian and Puerto Rican/Ecuadorian. Adrienne doesn’t have a meaning I think. My fathers mother was Puerto Rican and Caucasian and father was full Ecuadorian. I just like to say I’m Hispanic cause Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian are both Hispanic. My grandparents were just different Hispanics.
    First Last Name: The last name I was born with is my mothers. It’s Gupta. It’s Indian. My mother soon changed it to Rodriguez
    Second Last Name: My last name was changed to Rodriguez when I was 6. My mom was told children are supposed to have their dad’s last name and my dad’s last name is Rodriguez. Rodriguez is Spanish.

  28. My name’s kinda long.. Reaghan Kennedy Elijíana De Randón.
    My first name(s) Reaghan is of Celtic origin, basically meaning one of a small ruler / noble. Kennedy (actually spelled Kynnadi btw) means helmeted chief or armoured head.
    My middle name : Elijíana (various spelling.. Elyana, Eliana, Eleanna etc.) Depending where you’re from it varies on meaning. This time it happens to be of French and Spanish orgins meaning, light and moon. Typically you’ll here this name being referenced to Hebrew origins meaning “God has answered me”
    My last name is both parents but I usually only use one as my name is long enough.
    Randón or Randon is French first found in Languedoc a providence in France.
    Secondly is McAfee is Scottish coming from one of clan Mac Dubhshithe or one of Dubhshithe. My name pretty much makes sense I’m Scots-Irish, French, Cuban(Spanish) and Egyptian.

  29. my name is Courtney Ann Elliott and my first name comes from France and my name means Courtenay.
    my middle name is : Ann and it is Hebrew and means Anna- Gracious .
    my last name is: Elliott and it is Hebrew and means form of ELIJAH – Lord is my God. Formerly a surname.
    but my soon to be married name is Caldwell.
    Caldwell means caldwell means cold off spring and comes from Scottish

  30. I have an English name but I am Mexican, I’m totally white and my parents too, I have Spanish surnames, one of them is Garza that is from Catalan origin, my ethnicity is Catalan, Valencian and Galician (Spanish), so I am a white hispanic, I speak Spanish, English, Catalan, German and French.

  31. first name: Jasher, it’s hebrew and means “the righteous one” my middle name is Jordan, it’s also hebrew and means “descends” and my last name is Guiel. it’s not my ethnic last name though, my paternal grandfather was adopted. his last name was Hendren. I’m not sure of it’s origins, although it sounds very british.

  32. My Last Meaning
    Clark is an English surname in the English language, ultimately derived from the Latin clericus meaning “scribe”, “secretary” or a scholar within a religious order, referring to someone who was educated. Clark evolved from “clerk”.

  33. My first name, Raymond, is of English and French origin.
    My middle name is Angelo, is Italian, and is also my dad’s first name even though he isn’t Italian he is Greek/Irish.
    I have both of my parent’s surnames. Monaghan is my dad’s surname and is Irish originating from the province of Connacht. Brunetto is my mom’s surname which is Italian and originates from Campania or Sicilia.

  34. my last name is Sasko, which is from my dad’s Polish/Czech side. Dont know too much about it or what it means. I could be wrong but i believe its derived from the name Saskovich. Anyone out there know anything about it?
    My first name is Kathryn. Yeah, i spell it the cool way lol :p

  35. My name is Nick not Nicholas. My full name is Nick Charles Reagan L. Nick is Greek for “victory of the people” and also is from the 1930’s series ‘The Thin Man’. My middle name Charles comes from the ‘Thin Man’ too and my moms neighbor. Finally Reagan comes from Ronald Reagan. He was the first person both my parents voted for. My last name means, sub hoc signo vinces or ‘under this sign we will conquer’

  36. My name is Aimée Picchetti-Geoffroy.
    I am a girl, in case you’re not sure, based on my first name.
    My mother is French and my dad’s Italian, and we have lived in Southern California for six years.
    French is my native language, and I speak fluent English, but only I only speak Italian at an advanced level – not fluent.
    My first name, Aimée (pronounced: eh-may) is French. It is the French word for ‘loved’. Gay, I know, but moving on.
    Picchetti (pronounced: pick-et-tee) is my dad’s surname and it is Italian.
    Geoffroy (pronouced: jaw-fwah) is my mom’s surname and it is French.
    My brothers’ and sisters’ names, by the way; are Nico, Olivier, Valentina and Juillet.
    Juillet is the French word for July; Nico and Valentina are Italian and Olivier is French.
    My mom’s name is Marianne (French, obviously) and my dad’s name is Luca (Italian, obviously).

  37. My first name is Anashe. Pronounced o/ah – nah – sheh. It is Armenian and means resurrection. I’m only 1 out of 10 people in the world with it as a name! And one is my 3rd cousin haha 🙂

  38. Steven Rivera Valentin
    My middle name Rivera is Spanish: habitational name from any of the places named Rivera, a variant of Ribera.Italian: northern variant of the southern (especially Sicily)…My last name Valentin is a French, northeastern Italian, Spanish (Valentín), German, Swedish, Danish, and Jewish (western Ashkenazic).

  39. I honestly hate my real name, it’s really Japanese. lol i’m named after the empress of japan. But it means 美智子 — beautiful wise child
    美千子 — child of a thousand beauties
    見知子– child of recognition
    典子 — born on a lucky planet
    道子 — child of the way blah blah blah

  40. My name is Tanja. In Norway we pronounce it T AH N – y ah. Tanja is a native Russian pet form of the female name Tatjana, who translated ‘father girl’ or ‘Fairy Queen’. It may also have its origin in the Latin name Tatianus which is formed by the Roman family name Tatius.

  41. Collins(surname)
    Origins in Britain and Ireland
    The original meaning of the name comes from Cuilieann which in primitive Gaelic meaning “holly” as in the holly tree, on account of its sacred and mystic properties. The holly tree also came to represent a symbol of the sacred geneology of ancient Ireland.

  42. My first name, India, is American for the subcontinent, India, which derives from the name of the Indus River. My middle name, Aaliyah, is Arabic and English and is the feminine form of Aali. My last name, which is my maiden name, is Paul, which is English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Romanian, and Biblical, which derives from the family name Paulus, which means ”small” or “humble” in Latin.

  43. OR
    Meaning: Its source is Natalia, a Latin name meaning “The Lord’s birthday.”

    Origin: “Natalia.”

    Languages: This girl’s name is used in Polish.

    Nickname For: Natalia

    Narrative: This name refers to Christmas day, the Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. The male name Noel has a similar meaning.

  44. At. Apparently it is a common South Asian name in countries such as Myanmar and Nepal. My last names are Dye which is a common European surname in several countries and Tashima which is a rarer Japanese surname meaning rice island.

  45. Carl. It’s a nordic name. Means ”free man”. Can also mean ”king”. My middle name is Erik which is also a nordic/germanic name. It means ”The honored”. It’s also a kings name.

  46. Malik: Arab for king of the African desert (this is a common african name as well)
    Macuto: Taino native american for basket of tree vines ( witch means that a person is hard on the outside and protects the inside with passion )
    Romero: The guy that owned my slave families spanish last name

  47. my name is keira means dark ,, its so common in uk n australia
    my last name is canner
    middle name: laura jasmine
    im asian fully . i use my step dad’s surname

  48. First name: Chikere- ‘God’s Gift’ in Swahili
    Last name: Zakka- it has many meanings. It comes from Zakat which means charity in arabic. Mostly means ‘Purity’ in Arabic

  49. First name: Alina – meaning light, mostly used in poland, Germany, Finland and Italy.
    Last name: Sokolowski – polish surname derived from the surname Sokol.

    I am of polish and ukrainian ethnicity from my dad and german, french and italian from my mom and my nationality is german and i daily live in Leipzigo.

  50. First name: Bianca. It’s Italian for white or viabrant.
    Middle name: Lynette. It’s French for little love or little beauty, I forgot
    Last name #1: Graves. An old English name. In Spanish, Grave means very ill/injured, similular meaning in French as well.
    Last name #2: Shabazz. It’s Arabic I believe and I’m not sure of the meaning I’ll ask my father you is Malik Ameen Shabazz. My brother is Taj Amir Shabazz

  51. My First Name is : Alex Last name is Khan

    I’m mix with , 25% Irish, 25% Iranian, 25% Indian & Arabian & 25% Bangladeshi & British – Technically Born in USA Officially Bangladeshi

  52. My surname is McCullough, it’s a Scots-Irish name anglicised from “Mac Cu Ulaidh” meaning “Boar of Ulster” in Gaelige. It originates from Scottish MacCulloch clan, who came to Northern Ireland eventually. Most McCullough ‘s were originally centered around the Belfast area and County Antrim.

    1. The original MacCullach means “son of the boar”, but “Mac Cú Uladh” actually means “son of the hound of Ulster”. Great warriors were commonly referred to as “hounds” in Ireland, most famously the mythological hero Cú Chulainn of the Ulster Cycle, who incidentally is often called “the hound of Ulster” in modern times. It’s believed that MacCullach was sometimes altered by folk etymology to Mac Cú Uladh after the family arrived in Northern Ireland.

  53. My Surname is Collins-(Ó Coileáin):has a variety of likely origins in Britain and Ireland
    1.Anglo-Saxon: A patronymic surname based on the name Colin, an English diminutive form of Nicholas. In England, Collins usually signified “son of Colin.”
    2.Irish: “cuilein” = darling, a term of endearment applied to a whelp or young animal. The medieval surname was Ua Cuiléin, which has usually become Ó Coileáin today.
    3.Welsh: Collen = hazel, hazel grove.

  54. My father never knew his biological father, and he hated his step-father, so he adopted his own last name (Carmichael-no family meaning). His family name on his mother’s side is, Duhon (pronounced Do-yaw…french). His maternal side is Louisiana Creole.

    My first name (Kristen) is German I believe, and my mother’s maternal side is German.

  55. I was born with the last name Pace which is from my mom’s side and is from Italy, and Germany. My last name was changed when i was 2 to my dad’s last name Cheval which is French.

  56. My surname is ‘Taylor’ which is English (makes sense because both my parents are part English. My mothers maiden name is ‘Locklear’ (Lumbee). Also my great grandfather was a ‘Lewthwaite’ which is Anglo-Saxon, so I’m very distantly German 🙂

    1. Tyrone is common among African Americans today, but it’s originally Irish. The first name is derived from the surname Tyrone, which is itself derived from county Tyrone in Ulster. The original Irish name of the county is “Tir Eoghain”, meaning “land of Eoghain”, often anglicized to “land of Owen”.


  58. My last name is Larson

    I’m not very sure which side of my family it comes from but my mothers ethnicity is Swedish, and German. My fathers ethnicity is also Swedish, but Norwegian, Danish, and I’ve been told Icelandic which is Iceland I believe. I think if my last name is Swedish it should be Larsson but I’m not sure.

    1. It’s more complicated than you think. Both Larson and Larsson are common in Sweden, while Larsen (or in some cases Larssen) is common in both Denmark and Norway. However, (assuming you’re American) it was common for Scandinavian immigrants to “Americanize” their surnames, so that Larson could originally have been Larson, Larsson, Larsen or Larssen. In any case, Larson is originally a patronymic, meaning simply “son of Lars”, Lars being the Scandinavian form of Lawrence (from Latin Laurentius).

  59. My last name is Bogue, which is French but I am not French. It my step grandfathers name. My biological ancestors name is birdwell. It is English or Scottish, which is funky since I am not either. It was adopted by my native American ancestors, in lieu of a tribal name.

  60. I legally have two last names that are on my birth certificate. Both my father’s and my mother’s last names.

    My paternal one is Oringer and it originates from Austria. My great great grandfather, I believe, was a Jew from Austria.

    My maternal last name is Hammer and it originates from Germany. However, my great grandfather was a Jew from Romania and was GIVEN this last name when he arrived in the US on Ellis Island. I don’t know what his original last name was but it was most likely Romanian.

  61. My last name is Harvey anyone know what that means or comes from??? And if you could find out where Layton comes from and what it means its my dad’s side?!?! Thanks a bunch ^.^

  62. Hi, my paternal surname is Yajure; it is very unusual, but in Venezuela, where I’m from, there are many people with this surname. I think to it is native, or this came from Africa or Middle East. There are many people out there with similars surnames.

    My maternal surname is Ochoa, it is spanish, but my grandfather was afrodescendent, maybe descendent of slaves. Others surnames in my family also are spanish, as Arias, Flores, inter alia.

    1. Hey there. Apparently, it is originally from Galicia, N Spain and it refers to something ”dark”. It is derived from the Latin ”leopardus”, because of the dark colour of this animal. Likewise, in Cuba it is used as a synonym of ”mulatto”.
      Hope that was helpful 🙂

  63. My dads last name is Garner which I think is English, I don’t know my Japanese grandmother’s maiden name, my mother’s maiden name is DiBuono which is Italian, My Italian grandmother’s maiden name is DeVita and her mother’s maiden name is Sgroi or Scroy.

  64. Ivette is of French and/or spanish origan.
    My name means Gracious life.
    & it also means A goddess-y woman who pretty much excels in everything she sets her mind to, and more. She has a nice rack. She should probably consider a career in the acting, culinary or TEACHING industry to give her gifts to the world, she might be great starring in musicals, as a matter of fact. Can be shy at times but has a golden smile and is considered to be pretty damn sexy as she’s the girl men believe they can never deserve or have. Most girls would like to be an Ivette when they grow up, we should all be as lucky. Suffice it to say, the man who ends up with her has just died and gone to heaven.

    A sexy, dazzling queen who likes to be treated like a princess and has a great heart. They typically like to walk in the rain with their king and enjoy being kissed on the forehead. A very rare find being such a beautiful person inside and out yet still extremely humble and down to earth. For every nice molecule in their body they have a bad ass molecule. their bad ass molecule is typically noticed when they want to protect or fight for what they love. (or also whenever something fun is going on) They are known to make everyone laugh and smile:] a Ivette will usually tell you STRAIGHT up exactly how it is! Their most compatible mate is a person that is hyper and adventurous just like they are. Ivettes’s dont get along with haters but they love them for making her even more famous and more of a queen than they already are:] They foreshadow themselves being great spouses and mothers. One viewing of such a person may take your breath away and put you under their love spell. They are beautiful and gorgeous each and every way and know exactly what they want to do in life. They are good at handling all kinds of situations but better at giving friendly and loving advice. In order to love this person you must fit their profile by being a great “man-boy”. This person has a heart of gold so she therefore must be taken care of VERY well! A Ivette deserves HONESTY. All they need to survive is peace and love.

  65. My mum: Fiona Lindsay Tyson (Fiona – Scottish for white/fair, Lindsay – Scottish originates from Clan Lindsay, Tyson – Viking surname probibly of Scandinavian [norwegian/swedish/finnish/or danish] but diluted by English to become Old-English)
    My dad: Mark Nicholas William Lee (Mark-hebrew/latin meaning ‘warlike’, Nicholas- a Russian name, William can be German’Wilhelm’ but Anglisized to ‘William’ after the norman conquest in England.. so basically an English name, Lee – originally O’Laoidhigh Irish Gaelic for ‘songful’ or ‘poetical’

  66. Hello, well by doing basic research I’ve found out that my last name ‘Guereca’ comes from Basque roots. This means that I may have ancestors that were Basque people. Basque is a country between France and Spain, and is a language spoken in both. Hopefully, when I have access to more money, I would be able to pay for a genealogy test to expand my knowledge of where I come from. 🙂

    1. Sorry, but Basque Country is not a country per say. It is a, Autonomy in N Spain and is part of the Spanish Crown…even though they don’t consider themselves as such. The same happens with Catalonia, who don’t like to be called Spanish.
      I hope you find your roots, if they are from the Basque country, it would be interesting since it is said that Basques are descendants of the Celts.

    1. Sims is a Boernician-Scottish surname, originating from the pict tribes in Scotland that were a mixture of native Scottish and Viking (really hairy ginger/blonde guys who came over in thier pointy boats from Scandinavia [sweden/finland/denmark/norway] and landed in the east of Scotland/England and began raping and killing everyone)

      1. well if you use it in general talk it means wedge or coin…….. but my surname came from cuinha, which is latin for kitchen i think…… LOL so basically if you translate it literally da cunha means of the kitchen

  67. My last name is Barnett which is very common in Europe, like France and Britain. My father is full African American and my mother is Polish-American so usually people are confused when they hear that my father’s recently known ancestory originated in Europe. Recently my family discovered that my father’s side originates exactly from Ghana and the case must have been that my ancestor’s slave owner must have orginally come from Europe and had gotten sexually involved with an ancestor or mine, which, in those times, was not something uncommon.

    1. Don’t refer to ‘Europe’ as though it were a country, it’s not. Spain is completely different to England as England is completely different to Poland, yet they’re all in Europe as it’s a CONTINENT. A surname can’t be ‘European’ because that doesn’t make any sense. ‘European’ could be German or Irish and they are VERY different and completely seperate countries, languages, cultures.

      This isn’t me ‘having a go’ at you it’s just a message to any ignorant people reading this who have no actual knowledge of any country other than their own.

  68. my last name is Salas. the origin is Spain although on is says its also Hungarian? i dont think thats right. the meaning, well, Sala in spanish means living room. so multiple living rooms i guess?

  69. My first name is Christina & it means gods child. My last name is Schwendig & that side of my family is German but it is a Dutch name. My grandmothers’s maiden name is Gilligan (it was changed to Gilgan when my great-grandpa came here from Ireland)I also have ancestors from Spain on that side. My mom’s dad’s name was Dean & he was Italian (But neither she or her siblings went by it, they went my Gilgan. Then my great-grandma’s maiden name was Metoskie which is Russian.

  70. The Astures were the original Indo-European inhabitants of the northwest area of Hispania that now comprises almost the entire modern autonomous community of Asturias and the modern provinces León, and northern Zamora (all in Spain), and west of Trás os Montes in Portugal. The name was used until the foundation of the Kingdom of Asturias. Along with their fellow neighbours Gallaeci Lucenses and Braccarenses (see Gallaecia) they spoke a Q-Celtic tongue Celtic Language Geographic distribution: Formerly widespread in Europe; today only Great Britain, Isle of Man, Ireland and Brittany Genetic classification: Indo-European Celtic Subdivision: Continental Celtic.

    Most of their peoples, like the Lugones, worshipped the Celtic god Lugh, and references to other Celtic deities like Taranis or Belenos still remain in the toponomy of the places inhabited by the Astures. Other scholars believe they were related to Ligures.

  71. My First Name Is Breanna. A Variant Of Brianna Which Is Of Irish,Gaelic, And Celtic Origin. It means “high, noble, exalted”.
    My Last Name Is Coffey, Which is of Irish/Gaelic Origin And Its meaning is ‘victorious’.

  72. My last name is Oubre. It is pronounce Oub in French, but Oub-ree in America. The orgin of it is French, but I do not know if it has a meaning to it.

  73. last names Cezalien. I don’t know where its from but hopefully someone knows? I have a family lol that doesn’t see them anything but one race that deny all other races in my family.

    1. Ceza is a name of Turkish origin, so there is a possibility you may have Turkish ethnicity and therefore possible muslim aswell… mind you ‘Cezalian’ does sound kind of Chezch but that may just be b/c it’s both got a ‘C’ or ‘Z’ in it.

    1. your ancestors probably came from the midde east(morocco,north africa or iran , afghanistan) to spain probably i think it means city or something in arabic or persian btw. i have a friend called nadia abad from iran (persian)

    2. Abad is typically a Spanish surname, it means ”abbott” or ”priest”.
      It does have an Arabic root though, apparently with the meaning of ‘devoted worshiper’ or ‘servant’.

  74. Sarah – is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Sarah is “princess”.

    Biblical: originally called Sarai, Sarah shared an adventurous nomadic life with her husband Abraham. She is described as being exceptionally beautiful even into her older years.

    1. Cameron isn’t Irish, it’s Scottish, originates from the clan 🙂
      If you have Irish ancestors with the surname ‘Cameron’ the likelihood is that your ‘Scots-Irish’ in that your ‘Irish’ ancestors are actually originally of ‘Scottish’ descent. Cameron is a West-Highland Scottish Clan.

      If your were named Cameron b/c of your ethnicity, it will Scottish then, not Irish (having said that a lot of Irish immigrated to Scotland, apparently every 1 in 4 Socttish person has Irish ancestry so even in it was b/c you were distantly Scottish, you could possibly have a bit of Irish in you aswell)

  75. My name ‘Lee’ (O’Laoidhigh) is Irish Gaelic meaning ‘songful’ or ‘poetical’; my mums surname ‘Tyson’ is of Viking origin. My paternal lineage consists of ‘Quirkes’, ‘Dunns’, ‘Dowlings’ the whole Irish shebang. My maternal lineage entails ‘Sutherlands’ ‘Leisks’ ‘Wilsons’ ‘Brydens’ basically a load of Scots and a few Welsh ‘Lloyds’ ‘Williams’ ‘Price’.

  76. My name is Jessica, which is known to have either been derived from Shakespeare (and, more specifically, his play, “The Merchant of Venice”) or the Bible (in which the name Iscah might be interpreted as the first version of this name). It is Hebrew and was the most popular female name in the year I was born.

    My last name is English/Norman and is known to be a surname for watchmen. I have a family crest.

  77. Northwestern Spain the Astures (or Asturs) were the Hispano-Celtic, Gallaecian or Gallaic, is an extinct language of the Celtic family, classified as a Q-Celtic language under the P-Q system, and was closely related to Celtiberian

  78. Salas My Last name origins & meanings: Spanish, Galician, Aragonese, and Portuguese: habitational name from any of the numerous places called with Salas, like Salas and Salas de los Barrios, (Galicia), Salas de los Infantes, (Burgos province), Salas Altas and Salas Baxas (Aragon), from the plural of Sala.

    The name Salas is derived from the Germanic root word “sal,” which means “building”.

  79. Named after my paternal grandparents, who died before I was born.
    Izaak (from the Hebrew Isaac/Yitzhak) means “He will laugh”. Grandfather was named Israel. We both used the nickname Izzy.
    René (French, means reborn, or renaissance). My grandmother was Ruth, but used the nickname Renee.

    My Hebrew name is Yisrael Rami, which Yisrael means “struggles with God” and Ramirez is the nickname for Ram, which means “lofty, supreme, exalted”.

  80. Dennis is a Greek Name of English descent it derives fro dionysis my middle name chad is french and it means Charles Gomez my last name is Spanish on my dads side im Salvadorian-Italian Irish and English My moms Native American

  81. My mother has Persian and Armenian from her dads side. My father was pure English and had a bit of Irish in him. I’m 80% English, 5% Scottish, 5% Irish, 5% Armenian, and 5% Persian.

  82. My first name halima is Turkish and Arabic which means gentle and um not either one of those races which is odd and my middle name Simone is french and I’m not sure on what it means ….and my last name būæwer or bauman is Jewish and northern German which means neighbor or something

  83. I’m really mixed but I have an italian middle name and I’m not italian. My first name is Irish but idk what it means and idk what my last name is. Briana teasley

    1. My surname Goodman comes from the Anglo-Saxon spelling Guethmund. Gueth means battle and Mund means protection. The Olde English of Goodman comes from God meaning good and Man meaning head of. There are several spellings of Goodman with the oldest deriving from Germany, which is spelled Guttmann.

  84. First Name: Pamela
    Middle Name: Melody

    Both my first and middle names are Greek. Put them together and they mean ‘Honey Song’.
    I don’t have a trace of Greek blood in me, by the way. My mom just loved Greek names.

    Just for the record, I’m not sharing my last name for privacy reasons.

  85. Viramontes Is My Last Name. I’ve Never In My Life Have Meet A Person With That Last Name. Some Online Sources Say That It’s From Spain. My Parents Are Mexican. Would That Mean Im The Mix Of Both…
    Vira – idk what means, Montes- mountains = viramontes

  86. Hey, well first I would appreciate if some of you could help with my families distant orgins(race, ethnicity, etc.) Well am Mexican american. But my parents were born in Mexico. My mom’s maiden surname was Tirado. My dad’s surname is Cavazos. My mom is from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. My dad is from Monterrey, Mexico. My grandparents(mom’s side) surnames were Tirado and Lizarraga. My other grandparents(dad’s sidd) surnames invluded Garcia, Torres, and Gumaro. So with that can anybody help with our families original orgons as I see Mexico seems to be diverse.

    1. Lots of Scottish people migrated to Ireland, your of ‘Scots-Irish’ descent basically your Irish ancestors wern’t of Irish ethnicity they were of Scottish ethnicity… hope that helped!

  87. My lastname is Kovacs, originally Kovàcs, and I got it from my Hungarian granpa, and my lastname is the second most common in Hungary, in english it means Smith. I also have Estonian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Armenian and Catalan/Mexican in me, and I speak Spanish at home with my mom, even if my Mexican is only 1/4… But Im an American, and I love being what I am…. Be proud of your ancestry and of being an American!!!!

    1. Ah and my Hungarian ancestry and lastname and because I speak some Hungarian, this fact created some problems with the father of my girlfriend, because his parents were Slovaks, and he said that he hates Hungarians because we hungarians stole slovak lands in 1940, and so we had a big discussion because I said that slovaks stole to Hungarians…. well now Im steel with that girl, but I always try to not see his father…. crazy things…

  88. So my first name is Aleah and my last name is Stewart my dad has light brown hair and he is pale well my mom has mixed hair colors but her natural hair color is blonde and she is also pale. I have slanted eye’s and I have olive skin color.

    1. Could Winn be a descendent of the Welsh surname WYN (Gwyn = White/fair, but you drop the G in both middle names and surnames). Winn could be the Anglicised version of any variation – Wynn/Wynne/Winne.

      My username is actually my middle name which in turn were the two middle names of my maternal grandfather ‘Owen Glyn Wyn Jones’.

      Wyn is a VERY popular middle name (my father and his sister, paternal grandfather and his brother, my own brother and sister and maternal cousin all have the middle name WYN, like I said – VERY popular)

      It is also a popular as a the suffix part of name ie boys names Elwyn and Carwyn, although it changes to WEN for female names such as Bronwen and Olwen.

      I hope this is not too much useless information

  89. My name is Rafael Rodriguez neri. From what I know neri is an italian surname.. Rodriguez too Iborn in think. Both my parents were born in mexico. My mother is light complected with a tint of red in her hair. My dad is dark complected, which is wat I inherited from him.

    1. probly because your ancestors were slaves and inherited their owners name lol, im some black too but my family’s name changed by marriage to a slave owner’s name. im 14 so u should probly look it up i learned this in school lol

  90. The surname Millen(the enlish type not scottish) is most likely occupational in origin. It is metonymic, meaning that it refers to an object related to the proffesion. Millen comes from the french word “moulin”, meaning “a mill”. The first bearer of the name probably worked in a mill, but it is also possible that the name was taken on by some who lived near a mill.

    1. It will be Anglo-Saxon then, during the Norman conquest William the Conqurer (King of France) brought all his French people over to England and they started to breed with the native English therefore ‘Millen’ will be an English surname of French origin (if that makes any sense)

  91. My last name is Batista. I’m not sure, but did some reasearch and found out that it’s descent from the Caribean, Possibly From Dominican Republic. I am in no way Dominican…My ethnicity is Italian/Bulgarian/Polish/American…I am not desentant from Dominicans. Any Ideas???

  92. My mom’s maiden name is Kalin(shortened from Kalinski) and my father’s last name(and mine) is Eston. We were told that Eston is of French origin, not sure though but would love to know.

  93. Most of my family surnames are,

    Slovenian: Stark, Rogelj, Mrgole, Krevs, Zdovc, Sedmak
    German: Slagle, Mueller, Sisler, Latschar, Wilhelm, Teets…
    Polish: Lewandowski, Radomski, Pischel, Chmielewski
    French: Chapacou, Chene, Lagrave, Maillhot, Du Chastel
    Scottish: Buchanan, McKean, McEwen, Graham, Campbell, Livingstone, Morton, McCabe…
    Italian: Morrelli
    Swedish: Strang, Andersson, Nelson, Frande, Larsson, Mansson, Forsman, Svensson…

  94. My mothers last name is Adenubi (maiden) and her first name is Adefoluke (which means crown given to God) , my fathers surname (and the surname I carry) is Akande. My first name is Oluwatoni (Toni) for short which means Gift from God. I am of Nigerian heritage, with a British nationality.

    1. Madriaga is a Spanish surname of Basque origin, as with most Spanish names with -aga (meaning place of…madria) on the end. Canonigo is a Spanish surname, pretty common in the Phillipines because of Spanish colonization.

  95. My name is Andrea and the origin is Italian equivalent of Andrew. English: of disputed origin. It has been in use since the 17th century, although never common. It is now generally taken as a feminine equivalent of Andreas, and this probably represents its actual origin. However, it was not in use in the Middle Ages, and the suggestion has also been made that it represents an independent coinage in English from the Greek vocabulary word andreia manliness, virility. My last name is Huskey and it’s supposely English (Warwickshire) and Scottish (Stirling, Lanarkshire, West Lothian): unexplained. Americanized form of German Huske or Hueske. My mom madien ladt name is robinson which is Northern English: patronymic from the personal name Rob

  96. My name is Saliha which derives from Arabic and has ambiguous meanings as follows; pious, virtuous, devoted, beautiful. My surname is Khan which derives from Pakistani and means ruler/chief. I’m a Pious Ruler!! :D.

  97. Hello once more..

    My last name Broadnax was a name that my Great-Grandfather, a Native American who married my Creole Great Grandmother in the early 1900’s adopted from my Great Grandmother’s Family in order to register as a Negro and marry her, but ultimately in order to escape the unfortunate horrors and poverty of the Native American (Indian) reservation in Oklahoma back then. On the other hand, my Great Grandmother’s name was one that was a name that was given to her parents as they were slaves; their name was actually the name of their plantation owner.. a Broadnax. There was not much information as to what the true last names of my great grandparents were, but I do know for a fact that the Broadnax name is an Old English derivative of the name Brad, and of Anglo-Saxon British descent. Which explains the fact that neither of my grandparents actually had names that were native to their culture, but rather a name passed down from a white plantation owner.

    My first name, Crystal, according to is from the Greek, meaning “a clear, pure, brilliant glass”. Also from the Latin, meaning “clear as crystal, clear, the name of a jewel”. Akin to Christine, from the Greek, meaning “a Christian”. The name is a very common name with different spellings, pronounciations, according to one’s language. Even more interesting, is the reason my mother named me Crystal.. She told me that she initially was going to name me La’Shae Antoinette. However, when she began to tell her friends and family the name she intended to give me once I was born, one friend in particular in the words of my mother “looked deeply into (my) eyes, and reached for (my) hand, and he said in an most marked way, ‘oh no! please do not name her that, for she will be a baby girl with the most beautiful and big sparkly eyes that you’d ever want to see.. so name her Crystal instead!” Well, my mom said that when I was born, and she first looked into my eyes, the words of her friend seemed to echo in her ears as she actually looked into what she said were the “biggest, brightest, and sparkling eyes” of her baby girl and she knew right then that she was to name me Crystal.. and well, the rest is history!!!

    As an aside… my middle name is in fact La’Shae, but it has no real meaning behind it that I am aware of, but if anyone finds different, hey.. let mey know!

  98. My last name is Rappold….really German. They came from Wurttemburg which is in the southwestern part of the country bordering Bavaria. It’s actually kinda misleading since I’m like at least 4/5 WASPy Englishyness lol. All my ancestors came to the U.S. in the 17th/18th century accept for my Rappold ancestor who came over in the 1840’s.

  99. My last name is Marachovsky. It is a Ukrainean Jewish name and I grew up in Los Angeles, USA. However there are also Marachovskys in Israel and Argentina, most likely people who immigrated post-Holocaust.

  100. My last name is walkuw, im tryin to figure out what it is..i was always told it was polish….now im findin out it could be russian…someone help my confusion…i dont know what to think…either indian…hawiian..or russian

  101. Kiauna is my first name Khalia is my middle name. And my maiden last name is Simmons and my married last name is Quarles and I’m from Atlanta Georgia

  102. I am from a small Caribbean island and I’ve heard stories of where my surname came from I would just love to know . I am mixed and would like to know more about myself

  103. second name is mandaluff,

    no idea were it come from i live in england but apparently my family immigrated from canda to the uk inbetween the 17 to 18 hundreds, thats all i know :s

  104. so i know this is romanian…since it ends with escu. but i heard some romanian jews changed their last names (adding escu for example) to be more romanian…and isn’t rose something that can be found in jewish last names? does anyone know anything about this?

  105. My name is Racquel my racial background consists of blackfoot indian related to the iroquois and aloquian northern canadian tribes and african american my grandfather has blue eyes but his parents and grandparents are believed to be black but the way my great-great grandfather looked as if he consisted of east african origin he wore his beard very long like that of muslim and islamic men also i am very petite like that of east african women i once showed a picture of an older oromo man and my grandfather said the man greatly resembled his grandfather it is very sad among the black race because we have no history on our ancestry only by what we know

  106. Hi, my name is Brenyarda Im African American but im really lite skin ppl tld me i look Japanes or Mexicon they always think im mixed. Idk what to think i dont tlk to my parents so i dnt kw my backgroud. How would i be able to find out that?

    1. girl i understand completely how you feel i hate this because when i comes to the black race our history has been erased nearly ive been doin research soo long on behalf of my family im from louisiana all i know of is that i have native american,white,and black ancestry my eyes are chinky as well i get mistakened for being puerto rican or jux mixed alone but idk if its from the native american side i did sum research and long ago in louisiana there were fillippino villages thru out south louisiana ill never know unless i take sum type of racial dna

    2. I myself would love to know my family history and background,is there anyone else in your family that you can talk to,you know to get some info whatever they can give you and from there you can look up some ancestry research like alot of people had success with it. I hope this helps somehow goodluck!

  107. Hey, My Name is Alena. Im Haitian/Cuban and i believe i have a bit of irish in me – only because i have natural bright red hair and freckles. But then again i might be wrong lol.

  108. Hi my name is olivia which comes from the olive tree and is italian, but my dad is from australia and my moms dad is from jerusalem amd her mother spain. I was named after my moms granny,which came from spain so olivia could also b spanish! Dont ask me how my parents met very long story ha!

  109. My first name in its original form being Kimberly means ruler. My mother spelled it Kimberlee after my great grandmother with her middle name being Lee. My last name is Jones which originated with the old chieftains of Wales. Being the fact that I also have a splash of royal blood in me makes me think that my name is rather perfectly suited to me! lol That and my personality is that of one to take charge. 🙂

    1. Oh, and I am English, Irish, and Danish, but when I dress European (worked for Lufthansa) I look straight German. I guess that Viking and Celtic blood really came through! 🙂

  110. In Hebrew Owen means lamb, Turner means one who turns, Ralph means wolf, and DeCarmo means from Carmo. DeCarmo is a Portuguese name and I have never heard of any other family with the last name DeCarmo. Im mostly Scotch English but I’d like to know where my name came from.

  111. My full name is Jocelyn Woo. I know my last name is in Chinese but I’m not full chinese. My mother is of ecuadorian desent and my father is of puerto rican, black, irish, native american, and chinese desent. My dad’s father is of black, irish, native american, and chinese desent. my dad’s mother is of full puerto rican desent. my name “Jocelyn” means light hearted in latin.

  112. I am Puerto Rican, Colombian, black, and I might be dominican. My father is Puerto Rican, Black, and might be Dominican and my mother is Puerto Rican and Colombian.

  113. My last name is Valdez but originally was Valdes it was accidentally changed when my grandfather was getting his papers. My dad is half Spanish and half Mexican(mestizo); my mom is 1/4 French, 1/4 Mexican(mestiza), 1/4 Italian (Sicilian), and some Moor and native American ancestry.

  114. I was born to a Guatemalan parent and a Mexican. My grandma (on my mom’s side) is a full blooded Spaniard. My mom also has some French ancestors. While on my dad’s side, he has italian and french ancestry as well. They both have some Native blood also.

    My last name is Lemieux.

    I find it kinda weird. Heh.

    1. i believe the part where your Mexican parent can be mixed with a bit of European cause there is alot of Europeans in Mexico, i but i highly doubt your Guatemalan parent has any french Italian or Spaniard 😕

  115. My dads last name is johns and I already know he is african american and native american but my moms last name is barman which is german but my grandmother is black and irish …its kinda strange

  116. I am a lot of backrounds. My father is part polish and russian but he lived and grew up in poland in gdansk and never really celebrated his russian heritage! My mother infact is african,irish,and german but sshe was born in canada 🙂

  117. My mother took a Greek mythology class in ’69 & she saw it as a nymph of the forest. The nymph played tricks on suitors. But I also heard it comes from E. Africa. Is there a connection? Or any other place that the name comes from?

  118. I’m polish, I’m not sure what else, but I know I have more in me because my mom is not polish, my dad is. My fathers last name is Forsythe and my mothers is Gardner… what do you think?

      1. Baran
        Last name origins & meanings:

        Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian (Bárány): nickname from baran ‘ram’, borne by either a forceful, lusty man or else by a shepherd.

        Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): ornamental name from the same word, baran ‘ram’.

        I couldn’t find anything on Leany but it could be English maybe.

  119. My name is ShaKirah Benoit. The origin of ShaKirah is Arabic, meaning “Thankful”. My last name is of French origin, meaning “Blessed”. But im also a descendant from French and Native/African American.

  120. my name is Kimberly is english(british) &yes i am english. it means leader of the warriors. my last name is of irish,english,german,native american,and french

  121. my last name Wallenius is swedish and finnish, because it originated in finland as wallenius, but in sweden they changed it to wallen. it could be swedish, but my grandpa was a finn so my last name “wallenius” is finnish.

  122. Wallis (originally Wallace) is of Scottish origin and Laflin (originally Laughlin or McLaughlin) is of Irish origin. I also have ancestors of the names Jones (Welsh), Sizemore (English), Snodgrass (German)

  123. My name is Asia
    Asia a-sia as a girl’s name is pronounced AY-zhah. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Asia is “sunrise”. May also derive from Assyrian “asu” meaning “east”. Modern name, usually used in reference to the continent. Also sometimes used as a short form of a name ending with -ia, such as Aspasia. According to the Koran, Asia was the name of the Pharoah’s wife who raised the infant Moses. Asia is also a variant of Aisha, the name of Muhammad’s favorite wife, one of the four “perfect women”.

  124. I think my family name is the most odd of all on this discussion board…Anyone have any family named “Sebron”…it later became “Cebron” then “Cebrun” in the United States. My family lived in the Caribbean…in Jamaica..but also lived somewhere else..not sure…on various islands and also in South America…I heard it was Portuguese because my family is of Yoruba/(some white – most likely Spanish, Portuguese, Jewish)…wanted to know if anyone has ever heard of this name. : )

    1. We’ve no one of that name, but similar story of origin/spelling changes & region. We’re “Perdomo”, but only just found out from relatives the meaning, as it’s not a Spanish word at all. Our ancestors took the name “Prud’homme” in France (a title of sorts), then moved to the Canary Islands, where the name was changed in Spanish to Prodrom, Perdomo, various spellings similar. Then off to Cuba! And by the time we hit the US in the late 1800s, the only story left in the family by my time was that somehow we were (in name at least!) originally French! I never believed it till recently when I saw the entire genealogy as the name is common now in the Caribbean & Eastern S. Amer. as well as even in Italy & Spain (original form was kept in Cajun country, where there’re tons of “Prudhommes” too), but Prud’homme–> Prudhomme –> Perdomo!

  125. My name is Shea .. thats Irish it was originally o’shea but sometime way back it was changed when my ancestor moved too England and my mums name is Salmon .. what i believe is jewish and Italian cheers !!

  126. My name is Andre Jefferies. Andre is french and Portuguess.. My last name is Jefferies that is Greek, Italic, And African American. My mother is Black, White, Choctaw, German, and Sew Indian.

  127. Um hey there xD Im Marian my name means Mary; Jesus’mom?
    Im christian.
    my enthnicity ; Full filipina [ilocano/visaya] 1/8 chinese and 10%spanish.
    The langs i know; a lil italian, fluent english/tagalog, one word in ilocano, a few words in spanish, a little italian, two words in korean, and i understand a lil of japanese. and a few chinese ;3 >> IM A RETIRED NAVY BRAT SO I KNOW A FEW LANGS.

  128. im american, mexican ,spanish and arabian
    both of my parenst are from mexico
    but my grandmas family is from spain (moms;mom)
    and my moms dad family is arabian but my granpa is also mexican and well my dadds family is all MEXICAN
    And im from united states
    Austin,texas (:

  129. I went on a search for my ancestors. I’m half Spanish half White. On my dads side I’m Spanish, Native- American, French- Canadian, and German. On my mom’s side I’m British aka English, Welsh, Irish, French, and Scottish. My grandmas last name was Mattingley, My grandpas was Cornett it used to have an e at the end so does that mean that it could also be english too? I’ve always wondered if I could possibly be anything else. My great great great grandmother’s last name was Gettings which is Welsh.

  130. My last name is English and French but I have no idea of where my first name comes from. I’m English, Indian White, Native American, German, and French on my mom’s side and Irish, African American, and White on my dad’s side.

    1. One example of Xi is that it is typically a Chinese girl’s name which means, in literal translation, “happy” or “happiness”. In certain contexts, it could also mean “careful”. Best of luck toyou in your pursuits!

  131. Last name is watson. I am of cherokee descent. My 7 great grandmother was a famous cherokee. called “women of the cherokees”. shes famous because their is a play about her and its going to broadway. I dont know my mothers side but i think its french canadian. her maiden name is abbott

  132. I am half white, dutch, and African American. My mother is white and dutch. My
    father is Afican American. My first name is an english name. I know that my
    name has been used by Ethopian Queens that have an ancient hereditary titled
    names like mine. 🙂

  133. No clue what my first name means im sure it doesnt have a meanin last name is from irish decent and also native american and african american

    1. Dear Aalayah , I looked -up your name on name websites , It was hard 2 find but I did! It’s beautiful! The name Aalayah means ‘ to ascend ‘ as in 2 heaven , I’d gather , to go up! This is great . Not 2 be rude but your surname ‘ Mcclendon is most likely just Irish if not shared by other Brits. Your other heritages (similar 2 mine) have just borrowed / married /mixed in w/ other races . Blessings 2 u .

  134. my name is a typical mexican-spaniard name as well as my last name(rodriguez).trujillo is my spaniard last name and it may be linked to the dominican republic.

  135. My name is laura and my blood mom is el salvadorian, japaness and and a spainyard ,italian and my blood dad is japaness, puerto rican, italian, french and irish

    1. In the south of France, there are some Dattins (pronounced dot-teen) that I am familiar with. This is the only location which I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting the Dattin name.

  136. Lakeesha is a african name.
    I am Creole(Curacao), Surinamese(Brazilian/Portugese?, African, Native American, Chinese), Panamanian(mestiza) on my dads side.
    And my mom is French & Dutch.
    But most ppl think i come from Morocco or Romania.

  137. My name means princess. Funny because I am the only girl out of 9 children lol. I am mexican, Aztec on my mothers side. Spanish Aztec mongolian on my dad’s side

  138. @Richard Kerr
    Sorry I took forever to check this…I’m really pale I have a lot of freckles and Im pretty tall I have brown hair and eyes…I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  139. my mother is mexican, english, swedish,norweigen,italian and german. My father is mexican and irish. my mom made up the name Lorrainea but my nick name is Reina(mexican) and my last name is Riley (irish)

  140. my name is arlene sullivan my first name is french and my last name is irish as far as i kno i am black indian (arapaho, cheeroke, and blackfoot) greek spanish and irish

  141. I’m Native American through and through. My grandparents names were changed from our traditional last names to O’Daye. Where does it come from?

  142. Last name is Samson, really would like to know where it first originated from or at least if it has a meaning to it, especially if you area of haitian culture. Born and raised. Please tell me

  143. Well my name is Sabina (pronounced: SA-BEE-NA) and both my parents are Pakistani but whenever i google the meaning of my name is says its of Italian origin but I’m pretty sure my name doesn’t have the same meaning as the Italian Sabina. What would the Pakistani or Indian meaning of Sabina be?

  144. my mom’s last name is aini and that’s afghan, my dad’s last name is hakimi and that’s afghan too. i am of afghan, tajik, and indian descent.. and PROUD 🙂

  145. My name is Signe. I am Swedish. Signe is a variant of the Old Norse Signý, meaning victory (sigr) and new (ný). Some common misconceptions are that Norse simply means Norwegian, when it actually means Scandinavian. Norse means from the North, not from Norway. Also, I know people in other countries pronounce Signe in all sorts of ways, but the only way to pronounce it in Sweden is Sing-ne.

  146. well.. my surname is Bosnian.. my mums is German Schmidt.. but I have Italian English French and Swedish.. (surnames are Mauriello–> Italian, Rose–> English, Lindberg–> Swedish, and Leroy–> French).. that’s just back in history.. I’m mostly Bosnian and German..:)

  147. My fathers surname is Ramirez and he is Spanish, Puerto Rican, Argentine, Mexican, and Colombian decent. He also has a Serbian ancestor that goes back hundreds of years on his mothers side.

    My mothers Surname in Martinic and she is mainly Croatian and Italian but she also is Argentine, Welsh, English, Irish, French, Dutch, German, Swiss, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Lebanese, Libyan, South African, and Sioux Native American decent.

  148. “Melo” is of Portuguese origin. Could be Spanish, but most Portuguese surnames are variants of Spanish names. im brazilian and our last names are mostly portuguese. Melo is common

  149. My last name is Melo. I heard is french. But my dad told me that it’s portuguese, spain, galician, and he’s from mexico. And also from my mom’s side I’m portuguese and spain and she is from el salvador.
    And i’m in USA.

  150. Hello

    My dad is of French, Italian, Native American (Cherokee) and Canadian, My mom is French and English. My last name is Scarduzio. I know its Italian, but I don’t know which part of Italy though : Please help!

  151. The second part of my first name is Itzihuari. My mother says the name comes from a Tarascan(indigenous indians of Michoacan, Mexico) princess. If anyone knows what it means or where it comes from that would be awesome. Thx 😀

  152. My mom’s madien last name is Carmouche which is french and her mom’s last name is Tassin which is also french. So my mom is 100% french descendent. Now my dad is a DeSoto which i guess is spanish and his mom’s last name is Desselles which i think its french, so what am i? lol

  153. My first name is Adam which is hebrew, it means man and to be red. Now my last name is DeSoto, which i guess is spanish after the explorer Hernando de Soto, i guess. My ancestory is french and some cuban, so do any of u guys know what the surname DeSoto derived from besides my guess?

    Adam James DeSoto

    1. The name De Soto is also in my family and comes from my great-grandmother’s family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is definitely of Spanish and possibly Portuguese origin in my case (given Brazil has a significant Portuguese population). The literal Spanish translation of ‘de soto’ means ‘a thicket’.

    1. I know my father said there are Mexican, Eskimo(I don’t know the correct term), and Caucasian… I also do know that Boyd stems from Scotland and/or Ireland

      1. omg you’re afghan? that’s so cool so am i 🙂 ohh and your last name is indian…i think punjab but i just know for sure that it’s indian

  154. My last name is Rardon coming from Reardon/O’Riordan I assume, Irish for poet, but could it also be welsh? Also, my dad’s mother’s maiden name was Whan, what is that? He said Scottish but it almost sounds Asian to me.

    My grandma’s maiden name was Walker, and her mom’s maiden name was Mitchel. I’m American, and so far I know my heritage is Irish, Swedish, German, Scotch-Irish, English, French-Canadian, and a tiny bit of Cherokee.

  155. My name is Cora Ann Thomas. I know Cora is Greek meaning maiden. I was named after my mother’s aunt Cora and from my understanding its been past down here and there over the years. My grandma on my dad’s side is Cherokee and my grandpa on my dad’s side is unknown, same for almost my entire family on my mom’s side.

  156. my full name is David James Geehan i am native american (of the black foot tribe) Norwegian British and Irish. what i was wondering if anyone knows the meaning of my name i cant 100% figure it out also can anyone tell me where my last name is from it confuses me

  157. Comerford, anglicized from old Irish Gaelic, first name Barry from the Gaelic “Fionnbharr” meaning ‘fair-haired’. I’m 99.9% sure I’m all Irish, but I did find out I have a relative that’s Welsh (but we think it’s through marriage).

  158. My name is At. I do not know where it came from, except that it is an English preposition and the name of an Indonesian singer.

    My last name is Dye-Tashima; Dye is shortened version of Dyer whch is German and Tashima is Japanese meaning “rice island”

  159. so sandra is a shortened version of the the name alexandra, or the male version alexander which is greek in origin….last name is patlan which pretty much sounds like every other nahuatl (aztec) word so im guessing its nahuatl?? any thoughts???

  160. So I have a question…my parents are Romanian. But I heard somewhere that many jews changed their names to sound more Romanian? I believe also on my moms side we have some turkish ancestry…didn’t many turkish Sephardic-jews leave for Romania? If anyone knows anything about this let me know 🙂 I guess I’m just wondering if I could possibly have some Jewish on my moms side…

    1. That’s actually very possible that you have some Jewish ancestry. There were many Sephardic Jews that left for Romania to avoid torment. Romania was also a popular escape destination for Sephardic Jews since the Turkish language has many similarities to the Romanian language and it was a much smoother transition to fit in.
      They would then fall into place with the Romanian commoners and frequently intermarried with them.
      I’m 1/4 Romanian (Gypsy) from my paternal grandfather and his parents actually changed their surname in order to sound Polish when they immigrated to the United States to ‘fit in’ with the large Polish immigrant community in Milwaukee.
      Basically, anything is possible! You may very well have Sephardic Jewish ancestry. Research your tree and all of the surnames that pop up.

  161. i always thought my name was German, but technically it’s Swiss. it’s from the German speaking part of Switzerland though, so i guess it’s both? nodyoby can pronounce it!!! it’s like Rex-tyner. and my step-great grandmother is jewish and her name was Channah (i think that’s how you spell it) so they named me that but without the throaty sound, just a regular “H.” it’s like Hah-nuh, but it’s spelled Hannah so no one gets it right. i love my name, but it sucks that NO ONE can pronounce it. once at a grocery store and once at the library, somebody said it right and i had to stop myself from starring at them and wondering if they were stalking me hahaha

  162. Hi people from the world!!
    I want to have a forum with you, so, if you want… answer my questions, if you don´t just think!!
    Ok… the questions are…
    What´s the best mixed race in all the world??
    Can you show me examples for that beauty mix??
    What are your concepts of beauty, i mean, curly or straigh hair, blue or brown eyes… and that kind of stuff.
    Thanks for the future answers!!
    Bye to all the people of that bigggg world!!

  163. My last name is Cabrera, and it originates in Spain, though I remember seeing a place in Italy with the name Cabrera. That’s my fathers’ side.

    My mothers side originates in southern Italy.

    My first name: Stephen, or more accurately Stephano. I believe that’s Italian in origin.

    As you now know, I’m mainly Spanish and Italian (and Greek, since Greeks mixed a lot in southern Italy), though I have a tiny bit of Native American (Asian, originally) in me from my fathers side. I’m 1/16th NA, to be exact.

      1. Hi Saenz guy or girl!!
        My second last name is Sáenz to.
        And i know that our last name is from La Rioja, Spain.
        Sainz, Sanz, Saez and Sáenz are exactly the same last name.
        If you want to know more about our last name you can be part of a group on facebook, the name of the group is Sáenz.

        Here you can read more information about the last name:

        Other really really important thing… you wrote wrong my last name… the last name is Sáenz and not Saenz… big difference for spanish people.

  164. my last name is DiSalvo
    my mom is 25% german , 25% norwegian and 50% italian
    and my dad is 100% italian
    and i was wonderinq what it means can someone plz tell me thnx

    1. it means you are mostly italian! 75% italian, 12.5% german, 12.5% norwegian should be the real numbers of your racial heritage! it is like me! I am mid-brown like midirish and italian, and I have german, irish-gaelic-, portuguese-gaelic-, spaniard-german and italian-, english, and scottish. I have all kinds of european/white/caucasian, and I keep finding more and more out of my research, that some of those races I have, make me mid-brown. My german, Italian, gaelic, scottish, and english are midbrown somehow from kiera knightley’s skin to DJ Pauly D in Jersey Shore in my ancestry. Many people look at me and think that I am a mexican. some people asked me if I was mexican. Simply explained to them no. Anyhow, I do believe I have some greek also from my ancestry since I am related to the Alexanders family a little. Heritage is a fun thing to research!

      Ricky oueste

    1. yours is mostly scottish, welsh, or english! I have heard it a little and it seems like it is from french also.. but i would doubt that right now since there is also the family hammons (i.e. Kerr, Carr, Caer, Kar, and Karr). It could have been a different spelling.

  165. I’m mostly German and English and my last name is Moody and it means bold, or brave. Kind of funny that I have a last name that can also be found in the dictionary. woo hoo for English.

  166. I am a member of the navajo tribe and i am trying to find out the origin of my common last name and also what it means. So i am requesting if anyone has the answer, i would appreciate your reply. Thanx

    1. I’m navajo native american. I’m black, irish, native american – 4 tribes (navajo, seminole tuscaroien, and another one I’m not sure of) I would like to meet family from all sides though especially native american side.

  167. Hello.
    I’m Kolfinna Kjell Rjukan. My name is Norwegian, but I’m from Sweden. My parents hated Swedish names. I’m Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish, and Russian. I have bleached blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. Dad: Russian, Norwegian, and Danish. Mom: Swedish, Finnish, and Icelandic. I’m every Scandinavian nationality. Recently, I’m in Jyvasklya, Finland. As you can see, I speak a lot of English. Like fluently.

  168. My surname is Osida and I am always asked by people if I am Japanese… actually it is a Japanese surname. I have a Japanese ancestor originally his surname is Oshida. But WWII caused huge lynching of Japanese people in where he lived so he changed his last name to Osida to make it sound less Japanese. Actually by Japanese romanization, there is no /si/ sound in Japanese if s precedes i it becomes /shi/.

  169. My last name is McKenith and my dads irish indian hipanic and black ( Kevyn McKenith) and my moms egyptian and white (but the white in her is like sweddish or something from my white grandma)
    Her name is Mollie El-Deeb! which is egyptian

  170. Ya that thing from yahoo answers was actually me but I really don’t think thats right it makes no sense at all, its just some girls name.. anyway anyone else know anything about that last name??

    1. DaSilva is most likely Portuguese in origin, with most people of that surname originating either in Portugal, Brazil, Demerara, or another country with a significant Portugese population or that was colonized by Portugal.

      1. My great-grandmother’s maiden name was ‘Silva’ which I would guess is of Prtuguese origin. She was a Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro. I’ve also heard of the name being used in Spain from one of my friends who is a student teacher in Madrid.

  171. Culbertson is an English language patronymic surname of Norman French origin.

    Hopkins is an English, Irish, French and sometimes Welsh patronymic surname The English and Welsh derivations mean “son of Hob”. It derives from the Germanic warrior name Hrod-berht, translated as “renowned-fame”. It was ‘borrowed’ into French, where the spelling was changed to Robert. The name in Ireland is an Anglicisation of the Irish Gaelic name Mac Oibicin.

    Pruitt: French and English: nickname from a pet form of Old French proux ‘valiant’, ‘brave’, or ‘wise’ (see Proulx, Prue).

    So you’re mostly English and French probably.

    1. Tietgen is mostly correct about the heritage proof deal, but wrong that you are mostly french and english. English people don’t mostly inherit green eyes nor the french. that is a common Irish gaelic trait or something else further. Mostly green eyes appear in latinos-mestizos, irish gaelic, portuguese, and a few other euporean roots. Some asians even have green eyes, but they don’t appear in English mostly, French mostly, Spaniards, Italians, Belgiums mostly! I belive that you have some french and english, but welsh, irish, and/or norwegian. although, the first two are mostly as tietgen explanation and pruitt is a welsh name! that is very possible where the green eyes came from, but be cautious ’cause pruitt is being deprived in other places of england and i have noticed some french people have that name, but i doubt that it is french at this point ’cause of the family crests and everything. Welsh is not English and is a seperate province of UK!

  172. My name is Hilary Elizabeth Suttorp. My Father’s is Lorenz Suttorp (his dad, Benjamin Suttorp/ his mom, Henrietta Pilla) My Mother’s is Enid Kemerle (her dad, Otto Kemerle/ her mom, Joyce Huber).

  173. My name is Richard Cocklees Bornsteintech Labee Schlauch and I live in Bowie Maryland. I am English, Scot-Irish, Australian, Lebanese, Alaskian Eskimo, Russian Cole-Bear, and Nepalese.

  174. I am Loraine Reyes Aceto. I have a very unique name and i’m proud of it. Loraine is a french and german name and a variant of Lorraine. Reyes is a feminine version of Rey or Ray and is a latino or hispanic name i think. Now, Aceto is my last name and it is italian and means vinegar. Which is kinda wierd. But i’m proud of my last name no matter what.

  175. My first name is Chinyere and it means God gave or God has given. It is an igbo name which is one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria. We Africans strongly believe in names and its meaning. I strongly believe in my name

  176. Well, my name is Daniel Davis. I am very mixed, racially. My father is of Irish, Puerto Rican, and Cherokee descent. My mother is Black, Native American(Cherokee, Catawba, Muscogee, Powhatan, and possibly Arawak), Irish, German, Scottish, English, Welsh, Portuguese-Jewish, and Israeli-Jewish. My mother’s family came to the America’s in the slave trade in the early 1600s, hence the diverse ethnic mix. They were slaves on the island of Barbados, before eventually making it to Virginia, and then to eastern Kentucky, where they’ve resided for generations. Her surname Sizemore was originally Cizmor, a Jewish name coming from the Hebrew word “assize”. I mostly relate to my Native American heritage. My surname is Irish, from my father.

    1. Jacqueline and Lorraine both come from France. Jacqueline means, “to protect”. Lorraine means, “laurel crowned”. Finally, Nava is hebrew meaning, “Lovely”. I hope this helped!!!

  177. First name’s William. That’s Saxon, from Gothic. German form is ‘Wilhelm’. It means ‘defender’ as of a castle: someone who would be wearing a full helm ( verses a littler helmet) because they needed the extra armor on their head, since most attacks (arrows, etc) would come flying over the wall. And they could wear the extra heavy helm, because they weren’t out marching all day in it.
    Middle name’s Mark. One of the Disciples. From Latin: “Warlike”. As in the Roman god, Mars.
    Surname’s English. According to a Geneology Search my grandparents did in the 70s, it means “Place Where the Wild Saffron Grows.” Saffron is an herb. Also a color, mentioned a lot in Homer: it’s the orange red of a “saffron sunset”. Azafron in Spanish.
    So as far as I can tell, I’m the “Warlike Defender of the Place Where the Wild Saffron Grows”.
    All this is of course subjetc to the vagaries of my amateur hand me down resources.

    1. Sharol is a different way to be spelled for Cheryl and they both come from France meaning, “beloved”. Nicole is from Greece meaning, “victory of the people”. Finally, Cody is from England meaning, “a cushion”.

    1. Sergio is latin meaning, “servant”. Jose is spanish meaning, “god will increase”. Finally, Benson is hebrew meaning, “son of benjamin”.

  178. Joby derives from the the Hebrew name Job which has strong liturgical meaning in the Bible. The meaning of Job/Joby is “afflicted one” or “persecuted one”. In the Bible God gave everything to Job a family and other stuff, but God took it all away. “The Lord giveth..the Lord taketh away”.

  179. First name is Alessa. It’s Italian and means something like “winery”. My middle name is Amorette, and it’s French. It means “love”. And my last name is Scheving. It’s from Scandinavia, but I have no clue as to what it means.

  180. My name is Gilenia Gonzalez my parents are cubans. They did not pick my name, it was the delivery doctor who could not bear children. Growing up I did not meet one person to have my name, and my teachers would say the same. As I got to my twenty I’ve seen my name spelled different, but I can’t find what it mean. Would anyone help me.

  181. My first name (Yamila) is Arabic and it means “The beautiful” =O
    My middle name (Evelin) is Hebrew and it means “Source of life” =)
    And my last name is Italian, I don’t know what it means lol.

      1. To Kenneth and Wayne

        Oh yeah,well I fuzzybear MacLeod of the clan MacLeod.I know you have heard of my kin Connor and
        Duncan.We challenge you,there can only be ONE,lol

  182. my first name is celtic, but its supposed to be the feminen form of a jewish name. and my last name is russian jewish, but looks swedish or english since it ends in sson. i’m not quite sure about my midde name however.

  183. My last name is Di Natale, it means “Christmas”. My name is spanish and it means “God is my judge” I was born in Argentina, so were my parents. I have mostly Italian heritage from both my grandfathers, whom were born in Italy. my paternal grandmother is portuguese and my maternal grandmother is Argentinian with Basque-French and Chilean background. We’re all white, with brown hair in my family, althought most of them are blonde/light-brown haired with blue or green eyes.

  184. My name is Mariela. I dont Know what it means, but i have a yourba name Folusha and it means “i gave god to take care of” as in my parents. im cuban and i consider myself 100% west african like most of us latins are.

    1. My name is Caleigh. Its pretty obvious that it would be Irish/Gaelic since i am 50 % irish. But, I look NOTHING like im irish. I have some irish in there from my dad but on my mothers side i am 50 % italian with some German in there. Everyone in my family say that i look like an Italian Princess and i mostly consider myself 90 % Italian but i am very proud of both my roots.

    2. WTF? Latinamerican people is NOT WEST AFRICAN!!! Is LATIN-AMERICAN. what the heck are you talking about? Most cuban, dominican and brazilian people do look quite african but that doesn’t make “most of us latins” west africans. 96% of Argentinian people is white, the hair colour and eyes varies, as well as Chilean, Uruguayan, Venezolean people. I’m sorry if I sound so pissed and rude, it wasn’t my intention.

      1. To Danae

        Your under the idea that all Africans look alike,they don’t.Next although they may not look African to you,they looked quite African in the past.Also the original black people of those countries came from docks leaving West Africa,and later came from all over Africa I don’t know who taught you different.Now I know this is going to make some of you mad,Although Argentinians pride themselves on being full white,and have the phenotype to go with it.A large portion of Argentinians of today are blood related to the African Argentinians of just a short time ago.At least according to Francisco R. Carnese whose article results will be published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology

        1. And I’m not under the idea all the africans look alike, I was stating in which latinamericancountries are a lot black people, I never said all africans looked alike at all

          1. To Danae

            Ok I misread your earlier comment,my fault.However I was right about the black people down there,and that pretty much everyone down there is probably related to them.Also just because you don’t see visible traits,doesn’t mean the blood line not there.You guys are a blended culture,and the white phenotype seem to be dominant;and that’s not by accident.Your Argentinians were very clever with that,killing off as many black men as they could(sending them to war),leaving the Italians and Spanish men to go after the black women;which they did.However there are plenty of black faces in Uruguay and Venezuela,even the head of the country is half black

          2. I don’t know who taught you that, but you are wrong and please don’t speak of us Argentinians like that. Thank you.

          3. To danae

            hey don’t get upset with,it historical fact,.I didn’t make it up,maybe like over here they like to leave things out of history class,things they don’t want you to remember.Now if you believe me ,look it up your self.

  185. My first name is the same name as the Queen of Sheba, Makeda; it means a water vessel or bowl. My middle name, Edina, means wealthy and prosperous. It’s English.

  186. Christian:
    Language: Greek/Latin
    Meaning: “Christ Believer”

    Language: Greek
    Meaning: “Defender of Man”

    Language: German
    Meaning: derivative of Dietrich/Theodoric, thus “ruler of the people”
    Origin: Holstein, Northern Germany

  187. Hi my first name is Shakina and im not sure if its of african or hebrew origin and my middle name is camilla which is italian and last name is walters which is german/english/dutch

  188. Tircut. My great great great great grandfather name was marcillion tircuit, he was a plantation owner in covent, louisiana. He had a couple of kids by four different slaves. I would like to know the origin of this name.

  189. An ancestor on my dads side is last name Hertzberg, but my last name is Warner because my grandfather changed it from Winenberger. .my grandmother’s last name on his side was lavine which I’m pretty sure is jewish. My moms dads last name was schaeffer and her moms last name was rompella.

  190. Originally it is a German surname (Bavarian) and it means ”deer”. But this surname is also popular among Jewish people, so lot of people associate this surname more with Jews than with Germans. In English it is spelled like Hirsch (the same in German), but in Latvian like Hiršs.
    What do you think? It seems more like German or Jewish?

  191. My name abd it is a Celtic name abd it has many different meaning, I prefer – The White Wave. It is also a Latin name but not used for persons. I like my name because it is short and not really popular.
    By the way, I am Latvian, so it is really interesting how this name got till Latvia, maybe Balts and Celts are connected, I have heard such a theory. 😉

  192. My first name is Kelli; it’s Irish/Gaelic for brave or warrior. I’ve heard a lot of name meanings. Does anyone know the “real” meaning?

    It’s such a common name, and it doesn’t helpt that my last name is in the Top 3 Most Common Last Names in the U.S. I’m a real plain jane haha.

  193. My first name is Aljona, it´s an old Russian Slavish name (used very often in Slavish fairytales, but the name itself doesn´t mean anything i guess)
    My last name is German, which should clearly be from Germany 😀

  194. my name is Maya which means free spirit, also it goes with all races hispanic,indian, etc, so that way ide have no racial name profiling when older, my second name is angelica which is hispanic. My name is maya-angelica 🙂 I am black and spanish/italian

  195. My first name Christina is english (english on dad’s side). From Christiana, the Latin feminine form of CHRISTIAN. This was the name of an early, possibly legendary, saint who was tormented by her pagan father. My Middle Name Noel Means “Christmas” in French. and My Last name Rivers was traced back to france. It was used for denoting someone who was a native of La Riviere. It was later used to indentify people living “by the river”

  196. My name is Zoie, which means life, and it can be whatever you want it to be, Also my last name is Romano, which is Italian & Spanish. But mostly Italian, and i say its Cheese(:

  197. My first name is Mariela, which supposedly is another form of Maria in Italian. My surname is Meneses which is Spanish and it comes from a small town called Meneses de Campos. I’m was born in the U.S. to Mexican parents with European and Middle Eastern roots. Wish I know more though:)

  198. My name is Rahel, which means either ewe, a female sheep, or one with purity or both. It’s Hebrew, which makes sense since Ethiopians were Jewish before they converted to Christianity. It’s also another form of the name Rachel.

  199. My first name is Lucia. It’s pronounced loo-CHEE-uh, and it’s Italian
    (which makes sense, because I’m Italian American). My middle name is Femma, and it’s Swedish (I’m also Swedish-American). It’s Swedish for “fifth”, because I was the fifth one born out of six children. And my last name (Bevilacqua) is Italian for “drink water”.

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